sunny saturday

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sprouting herbs, originally uploaded by queen_of_irony.

Finally, after a week of depressing rain, the sun is back! It’s a good day for walking around enjoying the flowering trees, watching more Gilmore Girls, and cleaning the apartment. I need to complete my application for the Baltimore lab position, too.

I was talking to my mom yesterday and she asked me (as always) if I’d made any more progress in wedding planning. It’s just too much to think about that and school and finding a job at the same time, all while trying to get enough rest to kick this mono once and for all.

I’m starting to get a sort of idea for the feel and colors I want, though. After thinking about a Moroccan theme (a la Maryam) and rejecting themes in general as sort of unworkable, I’m looking at possible colors. Enter Snippet & Ink… one of the dozens of cute wedding blogs I’ve discovered, but unique for its amazing color and theme inspiration boards. I’m thinking black and green and ivory at the moment… we’ll see.


2 thoughts on “sunny saturday

  1. Those colors sound pretty cool. I think I might be jealous.

    The picture is nice too. Someday, I’m going to buy myself the best birthday present ever – a DSLR. Then my camera won’t feel quite as inadequate when you’re around. =)

  2. beautiful pictures! i’m glad you are blogging again 😀 that wedding website is awesome! so many cute ideas…i think green, ivory, and black sound lovely : ) and yes, a phone date should be in store!

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