the rain is back, coming down harder than ever. It sounds like a million horses running over the roof. (So much for a romantic simile.) We get it: spring = nonstop rain… Can we move onto summer now? I’ll never be one of those romantic types that loves the rain — it just makes me kind of moody and stir-crazy.

I’m in the coffee shop tonight, tapping on my laptop in between mixing up white chocolate mochas for the few brave souls who’ve ventured out in the downpour. Being a barista used to be sort of glamorous and fun, but these days I long to have a job that’s more meaningful and engaging than this. I don’t think I’ll miss the service industry one bit.

Right now, I’d rather be…

…in Santorini, walking down shadowy blue alleyways between whitewashed villas.

…riding a camel in Tunisia. (photo by Christopher Groenhout/Lonely Planet Images)

…skiing in Courchevel. (Christophe Margot for The New York Times)

Anywhere but here, really.


3 thoughts on “aaannnddd…

  1. it got all rainy on us today, too! but i’m okay with it : ) i like your etsy finds of the week idea–and your finds! fun stuff. i think i will do a little procrastinating now….

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