etsy finds of the week

Surfing Etsy is one of my most trusty methods of procrastination, so I’m going to try to put this somewhat expensive habit to good use and each week feature some of the prettiest things I’ve run across.

This crochet-and-mother-of-pearl necklace
from Dainty Crochet by Aly is so unique and fun. She has lots of different patterns and color combinations.

I’m a little obsessed with ceramics at the moment and especially fond of this bowl/sculpture/thing from C-Urchin Ceramics.

I just ordered this Ferns giclee print from Groundwork last week. I can’t wait for it to get here!

I’m terrible about writing to friends, but it would be a little easier with notecards this lovely… (Linen Note Flats from Dancing Girl Press)

And finally, I think these dreamcatchers by Nest Pretty Things are so cute and spring-timey. They remind me a little bit of Alicia’s cagelets…

And that concludes our Etsy roundup. I need to finish some homework, do my pilates, and get to bed so I’ll be somewhat lucid for my art test in the morning. ‘night.


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