mushy weekend

The end of last week got sort of crazy… oops. Less than a week and I’m already falling into bad blogging habits. I do have a sort of acceptable excuse in Matthew coming for the weekend. We had a lovely time and — finally! — lovely weather, suitable for long walks around the downtown. After I picked him up Friday, he sweetly endured a couple hours of shopping with me and took me to lunch at Star of India in Little Rock. We laid low most of the weekend and Matthew introduced me to LOST. I started Friday and am already up to episode 15…! My grades may be in peril at this rate. So we had a wonderful time and I had to drive him back to the airport this afternoon and now I’m faintly gloomy and missing him alot. Summer in Baltimore can’t get here fast enough!

Anyway, more posts, pictures, and fun later this week — I need to finish my Bioethics homework right now.


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