for some reason, I really miss Africa tonight

I miss waking up to beautiful sunrises through the leaves and eating our daily porridge out in the fresh air and, yes, even making those darn peanut butter sandwiches for lunch every day and all of the endless washing up.

I miss the banana trees and walking to the irrigation with Goshi. I miss the strong sunlight on my back.

I miss playing Uno with little Raymond.

I miss the strange, beautiful animals.

I miss walking to the river in the evening to say hello to the children fetching water. I miss playing soccer with them and learning Tonga rhymes and dancing and singing.

I miss feeling like I was really helping people and enduring hard surroundings for the sake of these people that I came to love and care for.

I miss Jesse and Erica and all the fun, insane, hard, amazing times we had together.

I miss sitting and watching the sun sink behind our very own baobab, a beautiful, ever-changing blaze of color. I miss watching for elephants to come down the mountain. I miss sharing and singing around the single light each evening.

I’ll be back… someday.


2 thoughts on “for some reason, I really miss Africa tonight

  1. Golly, Sara, reading your post makes me miss it too, and I’ve never even been there! God is so good to give us experiences that bless us so much. Rest assured that He is using you in great ways, even now. : ) Love you much, girl!

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