30 Things

Quite a while back, I signed up on this website, 43 Things. The idea is to come up with goals for yourself, things you want to do, see, or accomplish and check them off gradually. While I haven’t been on in a long, long time, I stumbled across my account today and thought I’d share the current list of yet-to-be-accomplished goals for my life. (in no particular order…)

1. stop procrastinating.
2. sleep under the stars
3. see more live music
4. resume journaling
5. Own a chocolate lab
6. Find out the optimum number of sleep hours in a night for me and sleep them
7. play outside
8. Be a better friend
9. start practicing my mandolin more
10. finish college and grad school
11. get married
12. Learn to tango
13. learn Arabic
14. be a missionary
15. adopt a child
16. backpack through Europe with the love of my life, staying only in hostels so we can afford to explore everything.
17. pray without ceasing
18. go to a Nickel Creek concert
19. visit every continent
20. buy a macBook
21. knit a sweater
22. Escape America
23. Fill the yard with Calvin and Hobbes inspired snow people, demons, and/or mutants
24. pull a prank involving 100 lawn gnomes
25. Learn to tie a maraschino cherry stem with my tongue
26. go bungee jumping
27. Be the world’s best mommy
28. recite a Shakespeare soliloquy in front of lots of people who aren’t expecting it (like in an airport terminal, or in a movie theatre line)
29. write more letters
30. Find, buy, and wear my own signature fragrance.

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