it’s harder than it looks…

…to photograph Polaroids.

So please forgive my very first feeble attempts. On the bright side, though, can I get three cheers for my sweet new Polaroid camera?? — $1 at the Arkadelphia thrift shop and a birthday gift to boot!

My ex-roomie and very good friend Valerie was in town this weekend and spent the night Saturday night. It was lots of fun catching up and hanging out. I miss her… but she’s going to be one of my bridesmaids, so we talk lots and will hopefully see each other a few more times this year.

I’m obsessed with mushrooms. I got these little guys at Target in… February? Something like that. They’re little ceramic ‘shrooms on stakes so you can stand them in the ground or in pots and I just love them. I don’t like the shadow in this polaroid, but it was one of my very first, tentative shots with the new camera.

An attempt to capture the beautiful afternoon light filtering through my bottle collection.

And finally, here’s a shot of my “green wall” of art with my new print from groundwork! Isn’t it great? I can’t wait to expand my Etsy print collection. The two smaller frames contain some pretty scrapbook paper (I know, I know… my art collection is in its infancy still!) and the photograph is by Irene Suchocki and wass a gift from my awesome fiance.


One thought on “it’s harder than it looks…

  1. The Polaroids are precious : ) And I *love* the green wall! Your fiance DID do a good job picking out the tree picture. I remember seeing it and liking it in real life, too 😀 Very nice.

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