I’m so, so tired right now and still not done with all the work for tomorrow’s classes, but it’s been a shamefully long time since I posted so I’ll share with you these photos. These are some cakes I came upon earlier, via Oh Joy!

Rebecca Thuss used to be the style director at Martha Stewart Weddings and editor of Blueprint and she has a gorgeous portfolio of dessert ideas and styling. I fell in love with these two mushroom/woodland cakes as possibilities for a wedding cake design. Now if only I could talk my mom into going along with it…

Adorable! All those little meringue mushrooms…
I might like this one even better… the ferns would carry on my colors.

Anyway, that’s it for tonight. This may be a dry couple weeks, what with final exams and final goodbyes and such. Hard, but good. I’m just so ready for a summer of fun in Baltimore!


2 thoughts on “mushroomy

  1. Those cakes are really cool! Definitely unique–can’t say I’ve seen anything like it! Very a-natural. (That was supposed to be said the fancy way.) Man, o man, I bet planning a wedding is fun and stressful. When’s the day again? Good luck on all of your finals and last minute project things!

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