recent flickr faves

Man oh man, flickr is distracting me alot from studying these days… there is just too much beauty waiting around to be discovered. I’m unable to resist. Some of the photos inspiring me recently:

1. Elections advertising, 2. stolen wishes midnight kisses, 3. pink + green, 4. Untitled, 5. Teal Eye, 6. bookshelf, 7. both hands, 8. day 11 of 317 (catching up), 9. so happy Tuesday morning colours., 10. Tea Time, 11. door / night, 12. all I have left, unafraid, 13. love a lavender spring.., 14. together, 15. bird.JPG, 16. it’s good to look up sometimes, 17. Untitled, 18. Inked up, 19. a collection, 20. down 14th, 21. finding the ugly, 22. Wrought Iron Collage 2, 23. Spring Clean, 24. f88_Pantomime_LilyCole_VogueUKDec04_TimWalker_02, 25. lily cole

Off to bed now. Have a beautiful, restful weekend, guys!


One thought on “recent flickr faves

  1. I leave for Yosemite on the 16th! And I’ll be getting back to TX August 7th. I’m p-retty excited.

    You need to teach me how to make Flickr squares like you do! I like them : )

    I don’t have a personal Etsy account…I think I’ll look into it–thanks for the suggestion!

    Tonight I watched Chronicles of Narnia with my parents cause it was on TV and it reminded me of you. That was fun : ) Miss you!

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