in lieu of studying

I’ve been struggling to scrape together my last few remnants of self-discipline to begin studying for finals. Like I was telling Paz, it’s all Matthew’s fault for introducing me to LOST so close to the end of the semester… Prayer and study break-calls are always appreciated.

I was on nursery duty this morning with 5 little boys, ages two and three… basically an hour and a half of being attacked with blocks, toy food, hand puppets, and trains. Oh, and then there was little Ben, who just walked right up to me and smacked me on the bum — for fun. What are they teaching kids these days?! I don’t think I did that sort of thing back in my nursery days. Degenerate days…

Anyway. I’m dying to get back to a city, to get wedding decisions out of the way, to go shopping with my sister, to be on the other side of the counter at the coffee shop. I can’t wait for summer in Baltimore and exciting research at the base (hopefully!) and Sno-Ball runs and trampoline jumping and swimming and hiking and being close to Matthew. It’s going to be wonderful.

Now if I could only get through these exams.


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