on being "indie"

I enjoyed this article quite a bit. My favorite excerpt:

ree yourself from being defined by what you buy or do not buy. Define yourself by the things you cannot purchase: values, ethics, and what you actually do. Let your actions speak louder than your ironic message tee. Want to be truly independent from mainstream society?

-Use your free time to serve people, not numb your mind with entertainment.

Be virtuous

-Be courteous

Stop “finding yourself” and embrace commitment and responsibility

-Don’t wear outdoorsy apparel, go camping

-Don’t spend big bucks to look like you shop at a thrift store, actually shop at one

-Don’t be ironic and sarcastic, be sincerely passionate

-Don’t just buy clothes and cell phones that support a charity, become charitable

-Don’t just buy a political bumper sticker, get involved in politics

-Stop being a boy and man up


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