what happened at that moment?

“Life happened.  True, abundant life.  Life touched by a freedom and grace that those in the Old Testament only dreamed of.  See, the Resurrection—that moment when Jesus drew a breath in the dark of the tomb and his flesh and blood and bones reanimated—real flesh and bones, mind you—that moment changed the universe.  It was the climax of the long crescendo that marked the change of the song from minor to major.  Or from simple to complex.  Or from darkness to a spray of refracted light.”

-Andrew Peterson


3 thoughts on “what happened at that moment?

  1. Sara, I like your new blog! I’m glad we got to chat and catch up a little the other week at church. Reminded me of how I miss you! And tea time with you : ) I could use a good tea party right now…love you!

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