I don’t seem to be able to pull together cohesive ideas into a thematic post, no matter how hard I aspire to be one of those bloggers.  I’m just not cut out for it, apparently.

I’m back at school, puttering around the empty apartment and planning my mode of attack for the heaps of cleaning waiting to be done.  At least the pile of dishes tells a happy tale — of a raucous, back-to-school dinner with good friends and plenty of spaghetti.

I need to get down to the business of finding a job and studying for the GRE this week.  Both of those endeavours could use some prayer.  After that, I’m concentrating on doing alot of reading and knitting and friendship-maintaining this semester.  Having fun with my classes [all electives!].  And slowly letting my Father begin to fill up the hole in my heart.


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