St. Augustine and friends

I visited the lovely little town of St. Augustine, Florida this past weekend for my friend Valerie’s wedding.  Val and I have been friends since my freshman year of college and we’ve been through alot together.

We spent Friday exploring the St. George Street district, downtown — St. Augustine is the oldest town in America and many of the buildings are hundreds of years old!  That evening, we ate the rehearsal dinner at this charming restaurant right on the water.  Cappucino creme brulee, yum!

The day of the [outdoor] wedding itself was kinda stressful due to the fickle Florida weather.  It started to rain in the early afternoon so everyone was in a holding pattern once the decorations were up and the small number of guests arrived.  At about 5:30, we seized a brief gap in the clouds; shooed everyone outside and started the processional…  The ground was so squashy that the 3 inch heels on my shoes sank all the way in with every step.  Walking on tip-toe down an entire aisle is not a simple feat, believe me.  But we all made it.

I thought the wedding might be really hard for me, especially having to be in it.  And it was in some ways.  But in other ways, it reminded me of how grateful I am for the many blessings the Lord has graciously allowed in my life.  Even if the blessing of a relationship is not currently one of them.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Gregg.


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