sunset and memory

I’m rather inordinately proud of a couple of these shots I got yesterday at sunset.  Dandelion seedheads now remind me of a certain night back at college spent with some of the sweetest girls I know, blowing dandelions in the dark, giggling, and just enjoying that moment.

I’m sorely feeling the lack of community at the moment, though I’m enjoying my family very much.  I miss my church and friends from back there.  Visiting a new church, trying out a new knitting group, and slowly building up new connections here.

I’m not really sure what I’m doing anymore or what this path is supposed to be, the one the Lord has suddenly diverted my life down.  It’s lonely, for now, and a bit scary.  But the uncertainty is also rather exciting and certainly the testing of my faith has begun to produce patience, as my Lord promised.


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