It’s much too late and I’m trying to power through a few hundred more stitches on this baby blanket — I’m knitting it for a friend who had a baby recently and my mom is leaving first thing in the morning to go see her.  I’ve probably put about 60 hours into this thing already…

I have some cool pictures from the weekend of the Fourth, but it’s too late and I’m too tired to mess with Flickr links and HTML right now.  Another day.  We had a great time with my aunt and uncle.  Adam escaped yet another year of firecracker debauchery with only minor burns and zero casualties — a miracle.  Every year, my dad vows that he won’t be allowed any firecrackers the next year.  And then the next 4th of July rolls around and he forgets.  Just like that.

I got the new Derek Webb album this afternoon.  You should probably go buy it if you haven’t yet done so — he continues to outdo himself.  This stuff is the way Christian music should be; gut-wrenchingly honest and beautiful.

I guess the real thing I wanted to say in all of this is as follows:  Sometimes being a woman just sucks.  Especially when one has strong feelings for someone and no idea if he’ll ever reciprocate.


3 thoughts on “well.

  1. Yeah, I’m really enjoying the album myself.

    Sometimes being a guy sucks too. =) I mean, we certainly have an easier time in terms of initiating things, buuut….the same issue applies when you’re interested in a young lady and can be pretty sure that she is oblivious and wants to stay that way. =)

  2. What a labor of love! I’m sure they (and the baby!) will go ga-ga over the blanket 🙂 Hope you post some pics!

    Derek Webb…SO GOOD! Love, love, love it.

    I wish I had some encouragement in regards to your last paragraph, but yeah, sometimes it does suck. But sometimes it doesn’t, and I guess that’s the only thing we can look forward to. I don’t think that even made sense. 😉

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