everything sad is coming untrue

You may or may not notice that edit on the last post; but either way I’ll just say this one thing and have done with it:  Writing about emotions on the internet is risky, but writing about unreasonable, confusing, and fleeting crushes is just stupid.  I’m not pining away over anyone.  In fact, I’ve experienced more joy these past few months since graduation than I could ever deserve.

The last year has been one of the hardest, best, most growing times of my life.  There is still so far to go, but as I look back at all the pain and tears and loneliness I’ve walked through, I can’t help but rejoice that my Heavenly Father allowed the suffering to start making me more like Him.

And with that, I think I’m done talking about it all.  At least in this forum.  I want to write about new life and grace and redemption and creating beauty and the joy found in small things each day.

For now, I’ll leave you with these lyrics from Jason Gray’s new LP:

In the way the shadows hide
When the sun begins to rise
And in the way the world comes alive
At the first hint of spring
The frozen rivers run
The death of winter comes undone
Whispers of Kingdom Come
While the bluebird sings

Everything that I thought I knew
Everything sad is coming untrue


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