Working in a lab and doing science-y things all day, I often dream of a creative job, making a living selling things I’ve made with my hands.  But then I worry that adding a business side to it might ruin the enjoyment I derive from creating beautiful things and just playing around.

Like the time I took voice lessons for a semester in college and that voice teacher sucked all the joy out of singing for me.  Gone.  I had to get out of there, and once I did;  I went back to singing in the car, singing while I do dishes, singing while I putter around the house.

So.  What do I do?


2 thoughts on “creating

  1. How about you make things because you want to and because you want to grow in your skills…give some things to people who you think would enjoy them…and sell the rest (the projects you started as experiments but turned out okay (or great)) on etsy!

    I’m just sayin, I would buy your stuff… 🙂
    Craft on!

  2. That feeling in the pit of your stomach that you desire to do something more creative is there for a reason. It is God calling you forward to something new and different… perhaps bigger and better. Trust me… don’t ignore it… it will not go away and will only become stronger. Down the road you will wish you had listened sooner. =) I say… start small. Start a creative side business you can do in your spare time… and see how it feels. I bet once you take a step in that direction… things will become more clear for you. At a minimum, you will have a blast doing it!

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