I’ve never been one for resolutions, for planning the coming year out or trying to set out a list of aspirations.  But reading some of my friends’ lists this year as well as this excellent post by Donald Miller prompted me to think about what I’d like to do this coming year, not so much overarching life goals for now, but intentional things that will help me to grow in faith and love and community.

I put these things out there so that I can be held accountable, so please, ask me about them!

1.  Once I’ve moved out (January or February, hopefully), cook dinner for friends at least once a month.  Throw fun dinner parties.

2. Find an older woman to mentor me and meet with her at least twice a month.

3. Read at least two books every month.  Review at least one on goodreads.com

4. Take at least one photo every day, to be added to a 365 set on Flickr.  Bring my camera with me everywhere.  Improve my photography significantly.

5.  Read through the entire Bible this year.  I haven’t done it for about 5 years, going to try going the RSS feed route, suitable for lunch break reading.

6. Go on a road trip with friends; explore states and cities I’ve never seen.  So many possibilities…  Pacific Northwest, anyone?

7. Write at least one blog post a week here.  I miss the discipline of writing often.

8.  Start journalling again, even if it’s only a few sentences each day.  I’ve been telling myself to get serious about this for age , as I think it’s a great spiritual and personal discipline.  Seriously.  I got a new journal for christmas; it’s not leaving my bag, and I’m writing in that blasted thing.

There we go.  I’m excited for this new year.  2008 was the worst year of my life, and 2009 started with alot of brokenness and loneliness.  It became a year of surprising twists in my plans, learning new things, starting new chapters, meeting new friends, and finding healing & life.  This new year promises so much more.  Bring it, I say.


3 thoughts on “2010

  1. I am so excited about this list for you (and I might be adopting a few of your numbers as my own.) Just let me know when you want to do number 6 😀 Ah! Sara, I wish we lived closer to each other…

  2. Heh, one thing led to another and I found your blog, via Flickr. Good for you for make some resolutions. I will be right there along with you on some of those. Also, if you want to travel, let me know, I am always up for a good trip and love to drive. Farthest west I have been is Arizona, so I am looking to branch out a bit more.

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