Well, obviously the blog posting resolution is going quite well.  :ahem:

Honestly, I’ve been scrambling to find the time each day to take some photos, journal, and read a large-ish chunk of the Bible [in order to finish it in a year] as part of my devotions.  But having made the resolutions has helped me stick with all three and I’m happy to report the first two weeks of ’10 have been rather a success resolution-keeping-wise.

Also, I’m moving down to Westport next Saturday, after which transition I plan to implement the cooking-for-friends and finding-a-mentor phases of my great plan.  I’m so very excited about moving into the city and all the new opportunities for relationships and ministry there.  My heart has been down in that particular neighborhood for some time now.

Finally, as I’ve contemplate the road trip thing, I began thinking more about Don Miller’s words on living good stories and what that means.  I’ve also been thinking about trying to join a team that’s going to Haiti in the coming months.  Pray with me about this possibility.


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