some personality notes

At the suggestion of a certain boy, I re-checked my Myers Briggs type this morning and ended up doing some extensive reading about myself.  I’m an INTJ and almost everything I read on this site was surprisingly accurate; it gave me some insight my plans for my own future and interactions with other people.

Related to the latter, I thought I’d post this list of weaknesses inherit to my peculiar personality, both to remind myself to be aware of these tendencies and to say, if you’ve been hurt or puzzled by my words or actions, I am sorry.


  • May be unaware (and sometimes uncaring) of how they come across to others
  • May quickly dismiss input from others without really considering it
  • May apply their judgment more often towards others, rather than towards themselves
  • May look at external ideas and people with the primary purpose of finding fault
  • May take pride in their ability to be critical and find fault in people and things
  • May have unrealistic and/or unreasonable expectations of others
  • May be intolerant of weaknesses in others
  • May be cuttingly derisive and sarcastic towards others
  • May have difficulty communicating their thoughts and feelings to others
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    3 thoughts on “some personality notes

    1. yes, i have been hurt by some of your actions and i’m glad that you’re reassessing how you treat people. good luck with your quest.

    2. dude, this is directed toward people I actually know.

      you’re some random guy on the internet who kept trying to get in touch with me, which makes you a creepy stalker. go bother someone else.

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