on past selves

Reading through my xanga posts makes me think I used to take myself less seriously.  Or was less concerned about what people on the internet would find out about me.

I think, in reality, I’m a lot less concerned about the approval of others now than at any other time in my life.  Oh, and humble, too.  Wrote the book on that.


3 thoughts on “on past selves

  1. Mmm. Nothing like a little ancient-history xanga to give one perspective. As for the approval of others? Eprops were definitely a coveted commodity. Doesn’t it make you feel awesome to know how much humbler you are now? It does me.

  2. When you look back on this post four years from now, you’ll be surprised that there was a time you spelled “a lot” incorrectly.

    On a more serious note, I’ve enjoyed reading my own old blog posts…..as weird as it is, they do actually function a bit like a (public) journal, and I’m thankful for them. Sure, I was a bit weirder back then (?), but I am very thankful that there aren’t any posts that I am desperate to delete.

  3. hey Peter, don’t you feel great about yourself now that you’ve set to rights my minor spelling error? ha.

    no, really, you’re a dork. and you’re not even in the military yet.

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