veni, vidi…

I think that continuing to try to divide my writing into serious here and un-serious elsewhere might tend to create a false impression or dichotomy of my life.  In reality, there are lots of both kinds of thoughts and I think I’ve decided that they all belong in one place.  Dwelling side by side can’t hurt.  Besides, Tumblr is kind of a wasteland and I’d like to get away from it.

That being said, tonight I saw the corniest movie that has possibly ever been made.  Really, that statement needs no qualifiers.  It’s definitely the corniest I’ve ever seen.  My friend Rachel got tickets to a screening of Letters to Juliet and asked if I wanted to tag along.  Agreeing with some trepidation since I generally dislike romantic comedies; I came, I saw, I predicted every plot twist well in advance.

The final straw?  The moment a Taylor Swift song began to play as the camera soared over the sunny Italian countryside.  Classic.


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