10 things I’d like to tell my 17 year-old self

1.  Get over it.  There are so many other boys in the world.

2. Take some Calculus and learn to use a graphing calculator.  It will make those college classes so much easier.

3.  Enjoy your mom’s cooking while it lasts.  College cuisine is a wasteland.

4. Keep journaling.  heck, keep writing fiction.

5. Do whatever it takes to see Nickel Creek live.  In a couple years, they will break up and you will kick yourself around until the end of time over never seeing a show.

6. Do not get that spiral perm.  Your hair will turn very blonde and you will look freakishly odd for most of senior year.

7. Practice piano, classical and bass guitar more.  You won’t have much time for music once college chemistry classes are on the horizon.

8. Don’t date in college.  You’ll have so much more time and energy to invest in being fully present there.

9. Stay in touch with old friends after they scatter across the country.

10. Ignore people who push you toward any one career, and study what you love.  You don’t need to be rich to be immensely happy.  You can be that on a barista’s budget.


11. You will grow into your nose.  in about 5 years.


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