a note on a friday

The condition of having a minuscule to nonexistent readership gives a great deal of freedom to indulge myself in writing whatever silly thing pops into my head.

This week, I felt the urge to tell the world [are you out there?] about the joyful hilarity I experienced while tutoring ESL on Tuesday night.  My students, Shobha and Sarmati, were attempting to learn the pronunciation of various ‘places around town’.  ‘Restaurant’ proved a poser as initial ‘r’s are quite difficult for the Nepali-speaking tongue.  Our exchange went something like this:

me:  “what is this place?  restaurant.  rest-uh-rahnt.”

shobha:  “brest…  breastaurant.”

me: giggles

shobha:  laughing

It may be puerile, but it sure was fun.  And entertaining in the recounting.  Happy November, and happy almost-Harry-Potter time.  I’m mostly done knitting my Gryffindor sweater vest and my midnight premiere costume is gonna be siiiick.


One thought on “a note on a friday

  1. Wow. i had to look up “puerile.”

    Also, bonus points for knitting a Harry Potter sweater. i’d love to dress up, but i think i’m just going to be lazy and go opening night in normal (boring) clothes.

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