two dozen

I’ll be 24 tomorrow.
I happened to be talking with my roommate Lindsey tonight about some of the events of the past few years in my life, and it was as though a few more pieces were nudged into place in my head.  The clarity I sought so hard at the time seems to come in starts, at funny unexpected times, as a reminder of where I’ve walked and my Father’s grace and presence through that time and this.

Yapudhe Prabhu tu mazha priya bandhu Swami Raja
Yapudhe! Yapudhe!

You are my thoughts, my speech, my logic, my food, my liberation,
I? You? It is as though, in love, the difference has disappeared.
I have offered myself. Accept me.
Grant me this prayer.

My eyes grow dim towards worldly things and are fixed on your feet.

-Aradhna, from a traditional Hindi satsang


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