poems, pt iii

A link to my previous year’s post with the final poem in the series, The Resurrection.  I love that Mary Karr’s depiction of the events is so visceral and painfully human.

I think the observation of Lent and the progress of Holy Week takes on deeper meaning with each year, and with each new scar my heart acquires.  I understand more fully the extent of the pain caused by the weight of my sin, because I feel the effects my own and others’ sin, carved into my heart.

there is love.  there is healing.  there is forgiveness.  there is hope.


One thought on “poems, pt iii

  1. Hey Sara,
    I just had a chance to catch up on your blog. I feel like you can put into words what I feel also, but can’t articulate as clearly. Let’s please talk soon. I miss you.

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