some notes from far green shores

[originally posted over at my tumblr]

I love it here.


This city is so breathtaking, I can still hardly believe that it’s a real place.  How have I been living my whole life in places so brown, so dull and dry?  I love Kansas City in its own way, but I can hardly believe my eyes at the beauty here.

This trip came at the worst, and the best time.  I miss the early weeks of May.

The last few days have brought, to my happy bewilderment, new focus and courage and strength and hope.  There is such profound beauty in this world.  There is friendship and deep understanding in unexpected places.  There are so many beautiful people; and I can’t wait to be out in the world outside kc, meeting more and new souls every day.

When things are hard and nights are long, I want to look back on the way I felt tonight; overwhelmed by the love and beauty of it all.  [it can crack the darkest sky wide open.]

rivers and roads
rivers and roads
rivers ‘til i reach you


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