only just begun

excerpted from Andrew Peterson’s ‘Resurrection Letters’:

The sun warms his face. He closes his eyes and feels in a flash the hearts of all men and women from the beginning of things to the end, from Adam to Abraham to you and I in this room on this night, and with each thump of the holy heart in the frame of his ribcage he loves enough to overwhelm us all. Love set loose on the world. Love like a roaring lion, like a thunderclap of deep laughter.

From the moons of Jupiter to the center of our boiling sun, out past numberless stars to the walls of the universe, that laughter resounds and makes its way back to the ears of the figure standing at the mouth of the tomb.

“It is finished!” Jesus cried in his agony on the cross.

Now he thinks of the Kingdom he is making, of the world he is redeeming, of the living hope he has unleashed.

He smiles to himself and agrees with the Father. “It has only just begun.”


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