Spending the first night back at my parents’ home post-orientation is bittersweet.  So much rolling around in my brain; it will take weeks to untangle all the ways in which the past two months have changed me.

I’ve seen how followers of Christ living in community and doing the hard, daily work of loving one another well can be a blinding light in the vast darkness.

I’ve begun to hear the Spirit more clearly, as the detritus and distracting noise of the outside world was pushed away for a time.  Now that I know that voice, I recognize it in the midst of the everyday chaos of life more quickly.

I really learned, what I should have years ago, how incredibly powerful the scriptures are, how they speak specifically to every part of my life, and how beautiful it is when God’s words permeate my thoughts and flow out into my prayers.

My thoughts are still constantly with all of you, my comrades, and I remember you before the Father as you go.


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