I finally caved and purchased my own private proxy network, so a mere government will no longer stand in the way of my blogging.  I’ve missed writing in this space; it’s so much easier to share pictures of everyday life as they occur then to store them up for a monthly email.

I never want to forget tonight — new friends that already feel like brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles.  singing together and acting out Isaiah 53.  gingerbread house demolition.  mulled cider and tea and conversation.  little Joel staring at my nose ring and then tweaking my nose, hard.  feeling love and belonging and home.

Christmas Eve is now a few minutes gone, and I just finished this.  The last few months have stretched me in painful ways as I ask and seek to be a vessel for Him to come down and dwell in.  I especially liked Ann’s words, “And this Christmas, I’ll be stretched thin and I will feel myself asked to love to the furthest edges of myself, asked to extend grace to the outermost reaches — because how else can I grow full and large and round with God?”

May it be so.  Love to the furthest reaches.


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