on pilgrimage

“The gospel turns people into pilgrims. It comes with a culture-correcting force that creates aliens and exiles of the world.

  1. Pilgrims are not diverted from their aim.
  2. Pilgrims are to hold the things of this world loosely.
  3. Pilgrims become like what they hope to attain.
  4. Pilgrims will not be satisfied with anything less than God.
  5. Pilgrims are not grieved by their arrival at the journey’s end.
  6. Pilgrims ponder what they pursue.
  7. Pilgrims travel together.”


-from this excellent post on Jonathan Edwards and pilgrimage


2 thoughts on “on pilgrimage

  1. One thing about pilgrims that I’ve learned, is that they aren’t afraid to look for other pilgrims. They are willing to walk together, even if it is only for a short time.
    God is the beacon that draws pilgrims toward His light. Take our journey one step at a time, helping our fellow travelers and invite others on the adventure as well.

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