she speaks

I can no longer continue this silence.  Little by little, I’ll be posting journal excerpts and thoughts to bring you, my friends, up to present day in my life — a day which finds me living in the state of Washington, working as a chemist for a small company, and slowly rebuilding the pieces of my shattered faith, dignity, hope, and heart.  Here we go.


25 March, 2012

I’m sitting on the floor in the Istanbul Ataturk Airport, partially hidden by an X-ray machine and charging my laptop at a lone 220 volt outlet. Directly across from me, a queue of apparently towel-clad men, flanked by women in black and white hijab, waits for their flight. A group of them just finished chanting a low song in some unrecognizable tongue, while I gawked from across the corridor.

Maybe they are on pilgrimage. And maybe, I have not failed in mine.


3 thoughts on “she speaks

  1. Looking forward to reading your thoughts in the coming days and weeks, Sara. You express yourself so beautifully. Glad you’ve decided to break the silence 🙂 Love you, sister, and praying for you.

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