I’ve been reading Kathy Escobar’s blog a lot these past couple months.  She’s like an awesome older sister, mentor, and friend rolled into one.  She’s been on a similar journey of deconstruction and rebuilding.  She writes the narratives that give form to my roiling barely-conscious thoughts.  Here’s an excerpt:

i know so many women–and men, too–who are being set free.

free from the bondage of religion.
free from the shackles of the system.
free from the oppression of abusive power structures.
free from being called nasty names & having our dignity stripped. 
free from limitations on our faith.
free from a squelching of our gifts.

and freedom is costly.

when we choose the path of leaving systems & structures that continue to keep us in bondage, we choose a lonelier, scarier road.

but nothing tastes better than freedom.”


One thought on “freedom

  1. Sara . . . thinking of you and cherishing what you shared here. Kathy Escobar is a source of rich strength indeed.

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