beginning today

” In the case of spiritual abuse, however, there is always a major problem with the “agency” that is specifically “designed” to be helpful: God. The fear is that if you go to God, you will get hurt even worse than you have already been hurt. Spiritual abuse always does damage to our relationship with God. It’s the worst. It’s a wound of the spirit. It’s a wound right down at the core of who we are.”

“And in the case of spiritual abuse, the abuse happens in the context of relationships where someone is in the role of representing God. Later, when the abuse has come to an end and we are looking for healthier relationships in which to recover, we may find other people—even people who may actually be faithfully representing God—but it will be difficult for us to trust in those relationships, difficult to invest again in relationships and difficult to relax.”



This is exactly where I’m at right now. 

Almost no one talks about spiritual abuse that happens on the mission field, especially as part of a large, powerful organization like the IMB.  I’m going there now.  I’ve been documenting hints around the internet; anonymous blog comments and cached, deleted posts that tell tales of pain, abandonment, rejection.  All are afraid to speak out publically about their stories of abuse at the hands of supervisors and leadership within the International Mission Board.  Authoritarian, top-down leadership in Christian organizations will always produce these fruits.  

We the abused can no longer be afraid to speak up.  Healing begins with speaking truth and lighting the darkness.


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